Ok, Kat page ni aku nak cerita macam mana nak setting tuk sambung ke wifi USM.
Wifi USM nie ada dua USMSecure n USMHotspot.

Papepun. sebelum kita nak sambung ke wifi USM. Laptop korang mestilah memenuhi syarat2 berikut
Windows 7 @ Windows Vista SP2 @ Windows XP SP3.
Kalo windows korang lain daripada yg ditulis di atas nie. Mungkin korang xleh sambung ke wifi tersebut.

Kalo WINDOWS korang tu windows vista sp2 @ windows xp sp3.
Ok, bagi yg windows xp sp2 or xp sp1(ada lg kew).
Korang kena upgrade jd XP SP3. Download jer software dia kat link ni.


Bagi Windows Vista SP1 lak, korang leh upgrade jadi Windows Vista SP2 kat link ni.

Ok. Tuk setting dia lak. Aku baru jer buat tuk USMHotspot. Nie link dia. Cara2 tuk daftar n setting laptop korang. WIFI REGISTER     WIFI SETTING

USMSecure tu, cara dia susah sket. Suatu hari nanti aku akan update la camne cara-cara nak setting. OK. Tu saja.

Link tuk Setting USMSecure. Klik SINI


USM Wifi & Email

USM Wifi Registration

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Registration.
  3. Choose Student USM >>>>. Or direct link:
  4. Enter your IC number / passport number.
    ** No need - in between.
    ** Example: 911111055454
  5. Use MOUSE to click Look for Me >>.
  6. You can see NRIC / Passport Number, Name, Student Matrix, Email, Status.
  7. Click on Activate / Replace my password.
  8. Log in to with USM email and claim your wifi password.


USM Wifi Change Password

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to My Portal. Or direct link:
  3. Key in your IC Number & Password (which you get from USM email).
  4. Choose Change Password.
  5. Direct key in your New Password.
    (Personally suggest no need choose complicated and too long password, due to sometime you may use mobile wifi, and some pc need repeating key in pw).

**FYI, there are 3 connection for USM Wifi.
**But, you need extra setting for USMHotspot & USMSecure.
**USMWireless only need to connect > log in and key in your IC & password. Mostly for mobile.

USM Email

For those who wish to register your USM email,

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter your email address。
    **** Remember: STUDENT NOT STUDENTS.
  3. Password: Your own IC.
  4. Change your password once you log in.


If you wonder how USM create email for you,

In front, divided into two part.

1. Before dot (.)
> Name
> Example:
Chuah Wen Xu, become: cwxu.
Yong Yu Heng, become: yyheng.
Poh Kay Chin, become: pkchin.

2. After dot (.)
> Indicate which school and which year
> Example:
Management, 2010 intake > uman10 (man for School of Management,10 for 2010 intake)
Chemistry, 2010 intake > uche10 (che for School of Chemistry, 10 for 2010 intake)

So, my name is Chuah Wen Xu, from School of Management, 2010 intake,
then my USM email will be


** Apply to ALL Schools for 2010 intake. Not sure for 2011 whether using the same method or not. Before 2010, that's a different ways, with name+matric number :D


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